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Compact and high functional SPS is an excellent tool for inventing new materials The long years acquired SPS technology know-how is put in for the development of SPS machines. Sinter Land brings you to new world of product fabrication by adopting a total engineering of new material invention and SPS technologies.

Originally Developped Energy Consumption Highly Efficient type of Generator is adopted

Compared to conventional SPS machines, energy consumption in newly developped machines is largely reduced by adopting the originally developped DC invertor or generator.
The fabrication of high quality and dense sintered materials is less energy comsuming. The heat dissipation in the electrical circuit is supressed by an original designed electric circuit.

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Excellent Loading structure for performance control

AC turbo motor system is adopted instead of the conventional hydraulic system allowing precise control of sintering load that cannot be achieved by the conventional system. Wide range of sintering load from low to high load is possible.
Compared to the conventional hydraulic loading system, the AC turbo motor loading system is quiet and no more noise is generated.

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Various particularities and after service

  • In addition to electrode, cooling systems for Vacuum chamber, work handling Vacuum chamber door side, measuring tools window side are also provided. This allows efficient cooling SPS machines.
  • Horizontal cylindrical chambers with large work handling space are adopted.
  • Five temperatures measuring points. Possibility of multi point temperature measuring is adopted.Measuring points are provided one at vacuum exhausting window side, one at vacuum measuring window side and one at inert gas inline window side.
    ( For thermocouples, one temperature controlling thermocouples is originally attached. But the other 4 thermocouples are options).
  • Possibile and easy addition of other options.
  • Possible SPS data recording system (option)
  • Speedy response to customer request is adopted.
  • Support for soft and hard SPS related developmet including research cooperation and sintering training.
  • Customized SPS machines. Please consult us for production line machines.

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Wide range of product processing

Field of application

「Sintering」, 「Joining (solid diffusion joining)」, 「Molding」, 「Synthesis」, 「Surface improvement」


Metals, Ceramic, Polymers, Composite materials

Specific examples of field of application & materials

Nano materials, Functionally Graded Materials(FGM), Amorphous materials, Porous materials, Metal alloys, Metallic glass, Bio materials, Hard materials, Thermoelectric conversion materials, Superconducting materials, Magnetic materials, Fine ceramics, Metallic tools, Cemented carbide, Titanium alloys, Superconductive heat materials, Sputtering targets, Condensor.electronic device materials, CNT/CNF, Aerospace device, etc...


The concept is high functional & simple operation.
Compact with Essential function for advanced material development

First in the world!! Low price machine equipped with Max5000A generator.
High end series of desktop direct current sintering under load SPS machines.

Various sintering experiments possible by this large DC pulse generator equipped SPS machine

Various and wide range of sintering and joining experiments are possible with this general purpose best seller SPS machine

Created for new mass production system using SPS technology.
Full of our rich SPS processing and manufacturing know-how.
Possible of build up of additional processing rooms for module production

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