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LABOX-1500 series

Various and wide range of sintering and joining experiments are possible with this general purpose best seller SPS machine.
  • LABOX1500 series are medium size desktop sintering machines easy to use for performing wide range of SPS processing ranging from「SPS sintering」, 「Joining」, 「Surface improvement」to「Synthesis」. They are very suitable for the development of new materials of metals, ceramics, composites, polymers etc…
  • The adoption of AC turbo motor type load system, invertor rectifier type sintering generator, the one box type vacuum exhausting system improved the performance of the pulse electric current sintering system, reduced electromagnetic radiation and noise.
  • Large vacuum chamber door, large LCD touch panel, various interlock systems, easy maintenance etc… are adopted for easy and safe working.

Main Features

Model LABOX-1550 LABOX-1575 LABOX-1510K
Maximum load 150KN[15.3tonf]
Z-axis lodaing stroke 150mm(Open height 250mm)
Load control AC turbo motor
Sample stage size D150mm
Vacuum Chamber S-type :vertical cylinder, F-type : horizontal cylinder

Maximum working

2500℃( nominal 2200℃)1*
Vacuum exhaust structure Rotary pump (〜6Pa/15min)
Vacuum gauge Burton gauge, Pirani gauge
Working atmosphere Vacuum, Neutral gas, Air

Maximum DC

current pulse
5000A 7500A 10000A
Pulse control ON/OFF DC Pulse
Pulse width Adjustable (ON/1-999msec, OFF/1-999msec)
Power Three-phase AC200V 50/60Hz
Body size(WxDxH) 1530x2285x2100mm
(2* Table and power supply included)
〜4200kg 〜4500kg 〜4800kg
*1. Depends on the type of material to be sintered, on die size and holding time for sintering
*2. Might be improved without previous notice

Dimension Outline Drawing[LABOX-1500]


  • SPS recording system
  • Infra red thermometer
  • SPS data analyzer
  • Diffusion pump (High Vacuum 5x10-3Pa)
  • Die nocking out unit
  • Load program controller
  • Sintering mold (graphite, cemented carbide, SUS, Ceramic, else)
  • Temperature program comntroller (for LABOX110)
  • Desktop-type hand press
  • Cis-R type thermometer (K-type already attached)
  • Chiller unit
  • Please consult us for other options if necessary.

「LABOX」is filled with「X」

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